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Sports Coaches: Mismatch in Demand and Supply; or is it something different!

Mix sportsTook a retirement from the Army and returned to settle down at home town” Pune” in Mar 2007. Went around the City known to be famous for its Education and Sports to find the Coach who taught me Boxing in 70’ and 80’s Late Mr. T J Naik, was still coaching and there were only 2 other Boxing Coaching Centers which were Operational.  Unfortunate but true for City like Pune which had grown many folds in all respect especially in population! And it appears that similar is the situation with other Sports disciplines.

That made me start a Boxing Club in Apr 2007. Since then came across Sportsmen and women from different Sports disciplines. Today the situation shows hardly any difference; probably following reasons come to mind:

a.            Coaches / Ex- Sportsmen do not find it economically viable to start such coaching centers.

b.            Trainers do not find places for training e.g. if I wish to start a Boxing Coaching centre at Baner today; no one ready to share his / her land / space in a given commercials.

c.            Probably Coaches / Trainers are not aware of any Govt support centers which they can make use of.

 When it comes to specialist training for a sportsman who has a caliber to be International; one finds hardly any serious trainers apart from what one finds at Army Sports Institute. Others may be operational (many not known) and if they are; at what cost, which probably an average middle class sportsman can’t afford or is it that these coaches have no visibility; can something be done?

Yesterday I was looking for a Coach who can train a guy, who holds record in 5000 mtrs run at Zonal Championships in Kuwait but found no serious such centers which are approachable or available where he can train himself.

Is it that we don’t have talent in coaching or is it our focus is somewhere else? Is it all commercial; may be yes because everything costs money..

Can any Education be complete without incorporating Sports when it comes to development of Children or Youth?

Are we in a Catch22 situation? There is talent, there are coaches but both go elsewhere (other than where they should be) ; Should we call it a mismatch or mismanaged!! I don’t know..

Do we need to have a look within and solve this Catch 22 or whatever situation we are in?

To begin with, we thought oc compiling data of coaches presently available in Pune or who were coaching but for some reasons left sports and working in other industries; if you happen to know some; may we request you to kindly share with us there present whereabouts; so that we can have directory of such valuable people in dveloping the society as a whole.

May I request your comments / suggestions / critics / anything that can get us out of this situation?

Happy Boxing

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