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Fitness : Let’s Do it Together V


Hi Friends,

Here comes Saturday workout!

Diwali festival commenced and hence double the workout with lot of sweets and snacks though out the day and days to come…

Jog / Walk 1 km

Surya Namaskar  – 51 –  (if you can’t then start with at-least 21, and if one can, go up to 108)

Followed by Asanas given in the picture. — Each Asan hold for minimum 1 min; keep breathing normal – last Asan i.e. Shavasan – for 5 mins

Aim  – to get your body stretched properly from all angles and sides and recovery is complete from the weeks work out.

Sunday going to be a break day– Try something outdoors..

Why not go fishing this week!! Look for a water body and hang on!!

and Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday…

Wish you All and Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!

Time to Enjoy is Now, Here and Always!

Fitness Let’s Do it Together IV

Bhiwani 5Hi Friends

Here comes Friday workout:  (missed to write for Thursday – will cover it later)

Jog / Walk -1 km

Warm Stretches – 10 mins

Circuit Training:

8 Stations: if you have a partner would be better – to have a appropriate break between sets.

Each station – 1 min – then break for a min and move to next station — hence it helps to work in buddy pairs — if not avoid making this as a aexcuse!!!!!!!!!

1st station – Step up and down – 2steps with throwing punches (with 1 lg dumbbells).

2nd station – Sit down with legs spread with back to each other and passing Medicine ball to each other.

3rd Station – Bench press (with barbell / dumbbells) with light weights – with speed…

4th station – Clean and Jerk – with light weight – with speed as much as possible

5th Station – Skipping

6th station – sit-ups

7th station – lunges

8th station – hammer

After doing 8 stations break for 3 min and go for another set — total 3 sets!!

Cooling down stretches – 15 min

And then enjoy your Friday!!

Time to Enjoy is Now – Here and Always!!


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