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Fitness: What does it mean to us and How can I measure it for self!!

Fitness definition available on the net states as follows:

  • The state or condition of being fit; suitability or appropriateness.
  • Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
  • Biology. The extent to which an organism is adapted to or able to produce offspring in a particular environment.

One would realize how far stretched is the definition and incorporates issues from ‘ being fit appropriately, suitability, good health, physical condition going to able to produce offspring in a  particular environment, proper nutrition. Does this mean we as individuals need to identify the meaning for ourselves as it suits or fits us.

Some of us want to be fit for an image, want to feel good, want to prove it to someone, to be fit for a particular sport (again it differs from sport to sport and District level to International level competitions), Some of us work for it because have got used to it.
There may be any reason; but bottom-line needs to fit in one of the criteria’s of the definition; if we wish to call it fitness.
Misnomer! Many a times Fitness levels are compared to those needed for Armed Forces; should we?
Fitness level can be different from person to person unless one is in Armed Forces where everyone is expected to be on one common platform to perform certain tasks.
For common man how do I measure my fitness myself?
Is it running or is it push-ups or it chin-ups or is it sit-ups or is it flexibility abilities or yogasanas or is it something else.
We feel if one is able to perform following (Caution! Again don’t compare with Armed Forces Physical Fitness Chart!); we may call ourselves fit enough to perform all necessary tasks at hand whenever / wherever / howsoever needed:
Walk 5 kms or Run 3 Kms at a stretch.
Push-up – Minimum 10 in one go.
Chin-ups – minimum 5 in one go.
Sit-ups Minimum 20 in one go.
Weight management etc need to become secondary; we all have different body types and need not compare one with the other. One can see this being a fact; when you witness Pune Running Group doing their monthly runs (One can notice people of different shape / size / weight running together and finishing together).
These days there are names for everything (may be from selling point of view!) such as Cardio / abs / Body mass Index; and what not? And why not? It’s a competitive and business world outside; one is competing against other to make living or make more and more living.
But is it not for us to understand what I need for myself in basic simple terms or in language that I understand. How can we make it simple to follow as a daily routine and get addicted to it.
Now if I know what is good for me or enough for me; do I need to have relook at my routine to take out time for it. How much time does it need; probably not more than 40 mins a day and if you make it a habit; probably same time morning and evening.

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