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Corporate Training : Has the field got Stagnated in Imaginations!

ImageEntered Corporate Training field in 2007. Its been 6 years plus now, and what i find most interesting / intriguing is that what i used to hear then, is what i hear now after so many years. Many have even kept Same Wine in Same Bottle!; not even bothered to change the bottle as well! Surprisingly many in behavioral training are still at a loss to show the ROI, as there has been no measure found yet, and probably won’t find it but are happy about it as they say it is un-measurable!!.

Is there a need to have a fresh look, or is it that, One is least bothered about it once the Training Budget is allotted! and There after it is only discussions and discussions and getting back to old wine bottle because of lack of imagination or lack of commitment or lack of risk taking ability or is it that we are happy with status quo / feel good factor…

If we are thinking of changing the entire gamut of training, what are those areas to change or how it can be done; where in many training subjects become inherent in other training’s! and / or is it that, there is a need to change the environment in Organisations or there is something more to it….

Many keep talking of Change Management; to be applied everywhere but for training’s! Surprising isn’t it?

For that matter, Take a example of Running, a basic (Mother) of ¬†all Fitness and Sports; even there one finds variety of training methods, various approaches and cross training’s and what not, where building running strength becomes inherent in it

That got us to Start a Research in this field, would you like to join in?

Sweat More in Peace- Bleed Less in War!

Happy Training!

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