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Coaches Dilemma : Understanding Psychology of Parents Viz a viz Demands of Boxing


Been thinking on one of the reasons – why kids move away from Boxing at an early stage!!

Thought to share – One of the perspective

Many a times when parents get their kid for Boxing; their expectations are their kid should be able to learn Boxing in about 3 months time and want to see that kid in the ring for a competition… Yet to understand the outlook of the said parents..

Becomes difficult to convince most of them; not necessarily their kid will find a place for competition in the ring; the demands of Boxing are different – as a coach i would not like to put the kid in a ring for a competition without him / her being physically and mentally prepared for it. Yes one can put him or her for a sparring session but not the competition.. Doesn’t the kid deserve that extra time to understand the demands of Boxing and nuances of this special sport..

A loss in a Boxing match can be more traumatizing than a loss in Tennis. Here the kid gets a physical beating when he losses. Thus the recovery mentally and physically is different.. and this may get embedded in the kid’s mind so much; wherein he / she may carry that fear all through.. Would the parents like that to happen to the kid. I am sure the answer would be NO.

But then many a times the desire to see their kid in the competition may over-weigh the desire to groom the kid to take on life positively. This turns out (most of the cases) to make the kid move away from the wonderful game of Boxing to some other sport without having learnt the basics of the Boxing.

Wondering how do we tackle this..

Happy Boxing!


Running / Fitness: Abstract Psychology or Concrete Science: Wondering –what is that which works better…

Dilema Psy and scienceI find myself in a dilemma these days: having attended a session on Science in  Running. There it was all science behind running; something that is probably is working on everyone’s mind. Noticed this phenomenon around me, since taking retirement from the Army.

In the Army always had one guy (either Senior or an Instructor) to lead and all others followed; there was only loyalty and integrity to the Organization and belief in the person in front. That made us all follow that person and run; whatever distance he set for us!!! No questions asked, No calories measured, No BP taken before and after the run, No checks on lactic acid, No check on threshold level, when it comes to training and Many No’s to every other check-ups except follow the order.. And People did it – doing it and yet working well!! Everyone had once a year a medical check-up and that’s all…

Has it to do with Abstract Psychology or Concrete science? Wondering, How Psychology worked at its best. But then, now that one knows a bit of science; has it started worrying me more… Is it putting necessary or un-necessary caution in my mind… Is it that, I have stopped delivering longer and faster runs because of knowledge of science..

Isn’t it that everyone is made and groomed differently not only in habits / mannerism / food intake, so on and so forth? Some eat rice as staple diet and some bread; do I need to change this habit because science shows something different about rice and wheat..

When it comes to Individual Fitness or Running, doesn’t the same logic apply? One’s threshold level or lactic acid or heart rate or whatever may be different, yet in the Army, it was all the same for everyone; no different yardsticks.. When it came to running 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 km running, everyone just did it; be it day or night and every time gave better and better performance, isn’t it all in the mind though abstract and not concrete!  Where do I draw a line between Pure Fitness and Frills!!

Pure Fitness! No Frills!

Happy Running!

Talk – 20 Jul 2013 – Ironman and Comrades, IMA Hall, Pune

ImageIt was a gathering of about 100, to listen to ironman – Nishit Biniwale and Comrades – Vivek Prasad (3 consecutive times), Kaustubh Keasrkar (2 Consecutive times), Dnyanesh Chitnis and Dr. Sandeep kate (1 Time). They shared their experiences starting with, getting to know running – getting motivated to do it (or go for it) – then their preparation and finally experience of what it was during the event.

As I understood them::

Before they attempted such a feat – They all were an average sports enthusiast and doing something or other to keep themselves fit nothing more!

They all had some or other turning point to look at these events as a challenge for them.

 The turning point was not offered to them but they all searched for it themselves             and found it (Do we need to keep our eyes / ears / and all senses open for such turning points – one never knows when the opportunity will present itself and am I  ready to take such challenges – why not!) or is it a fear of unknown that is holding me back every time.

All had a time frame of about One year plus to develop it as a passion.

All of them set themselves a Goal and went for it; and never ever allowed the   thought of giving up surface in their mind.

All of them had a belief in themselves that they can do it.

All worked with some or other amateurs while training without waiting for professional guidance (imagine if they get that, what they would turnout to be)

All had some or other break point during the event; where a thought struck their mind- why they were doing it despite that they went on doing it just because they had decided to do it.

Even after achieving such a feat, every one of them was humble and full of humility and humor.

All were eager to convey that we all or everyone else can also do it.

You all would agree, in such a short span of time how these guys gave us no. of lessons for a life. We have a saying in Commando Wing of the Infantry School “When the Going gets Tough; the Tough get Going!” which these guys proved it right.

We are really thankful to them and Pune Running for organizing such a talk for us and also to Rakesh Mehta for making the environment conducive for such interaction.

Happy Running! –Happy Swimming! – Happy Cycling!

Dilemma Of Psychology!

DilemmaMany a time Psychologists / Counselors put the subjects through instruments and find a fault with an individual. There after they tell a person that he / she has something wrong (as per their discovery!!). Poor fellows accept it and probably worst follows – the guys start thinking on those lines – more they think of that wrong – more they are likely to repeat it.
Do we need to find the way around this? Can we not tell that person about the wrong he possesses but address it in a manner; the person does not get the hang of it but starts correcting himself / herself.

Any suggestions!!
May we request your comments please..

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