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Running / Fitness: Abstract Psychology or Concrete Science: Wondering –what is that which works better…

Dilema Psy and scienceI find myself in a dilemma these days: having attended a session on Science in  Running. There it was all science behind running; something that is probably is working on everyone’s mind. Noticed this phenomenon around me, since taking retirement from the Army.

In the Army always had one guy (either Senior or an Instructor) to lead and all others followed; there was only loyalty and integrity to the Organization and belief in the person in front. That made us all follow that person and run; whatever distance he set for us!!! No questions asked, No calories measured, No BP taken before and after the run, No checks on lactic acid, No check on threshold level, when it comes to training and Many No’s to every other check-ups except follow the order.. And People did it – doing it and yet working well!! Everyone had once a year a medical check-up and that’s all…

Has it to do with Abstract Psychology or Concrete science? Wondering, How Psychology worked at its best. But then, now that one knows a bit of science; has it started worrying me more… Is it putting necessary or un-necessary caution in my mind… Is it that, I have stopped delivering longer and faster runs because of knowledge of science..

Isn’t it that everyone is made and groomed differently not only in habits / mannerism / food intake, so on and so forth? Some eat rice as staple diet and some bread; do I need to change this habit because science shows something different about rice and wheat..

When it comes to Individual Fitness or Running, doesn’t the same logic apply? One’s threshold level or lactic acid or heart rate or whatever may be different, yet in the Army, it was all the same for everyone; no different yardsticks.. When it came to running 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 km running, everyone just did it; be it day or night and every time gave better and better performance, isn’t it all in the mind though abstract and not concrete!  Where do I draw a line between Pure Fitness and Frills!!

Pure Fitness! No Frills!

Happy Running!

Corporate Training : Has the field got Stagnated in Imaginations!

ImageEntered Corporate Training field in 2007. Its been 6 years plus now, and what i find most interesting / intriguing is that what i used to hear then, is what i hear now after so many years. Many have even kept Same Wine in Same Bottle!; not even bothered to change the bottle as well! Surprisingly many in behavioral training are still at a loss to show the ROI, as there has been no measure found yet, and probably won’t find it but are happy about it as they say it is un-measurable!!.

Is there a need to have a fresh look, or is it that, One is least bothered about it once the Training Budget is allotted! and There after it is only discussions and discussions and getting back to old wine bottle because of lack of imagination or lack of commitment or lack of risk taking ability or is it that we are happy with status quo / feel good factor…

If we are thinking of changing the entire gamut of training, what are those areas to change or how it can be done; where in many training subjects become inherent in other training’s! and / or is it that, there is a need to change the environment in Organisations or there is something more to it….

Many keep talking of Change Management; to be applied everywhere but for training’s! Surprising isn’t it?

For that matter, Take a example of Running, a basic (Mother) of  all Fitness and Sports; even there one finds variety of training methods, various approaches and cross training’s and what not, where building running strength becomes inherent in it

That got us to Start a Research in this field, would you like to join in?

Sweat More in Peace- Bleed Less in War!

Happy Training!

Deveopment or Performance of Leadership Directly Proportional to Environment

ImageBe it Military or Industry, Manufacturing or Service or Pharma or Media or be it whatever,  Development and then  Performance of Leadership is directly proportional to environment that exists in the Organization.

Leadership traits such as Loyalty, Integrity, courage, decisiveness, grit, perseverance, focus, impartiality etc are certainly the musts for the leader to lead his or her team / organization but above all it is the environment that prevails in the team or organization has a major bearing on the performance of Leadership. Do you agree??

For that to happen, it cannot be achieved through a Certification Course but though application of his or her knowledge by the Leader; should we say create conditions those suit his or her style of functioning?? Then comes the big question; how to go about it…., can it be taught or the leader need to keep trying as it would be different from one to another organization!!

Join us to discuss it more!!

Sports Performance and Leadership

CollageLeadership and Sports performance; how similar are the requirements when a question of practical application of Leadership is discussed. Be it a individual sport or a team sport; many of the traits / ingredients needed are same. The challenge is more when it is a team sport.

Let’s see what those ingredients are when it comes to delivery / performance – Motivation, self confidence, anxiety management / beating the ambiguity, clarity in thought process, resource management, delivery at correct time, commitment and much more. Leaders at all levels of management need all these ingredients if they wish to deliver in correct perspective.

So is there a case in point that a person he / she performing Leadership role preferably be pursuing some or other performance sport; if not pursued in younger days (of course apart from having the subject domain knowledge)– to get these ingredients naturally and need not spend separate time in understanding Leadership as subject by itself unless moving to higher level of Leadership.

Request your comments..

Enjoy Sports!!

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