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Fitness Let’s Do it Together IV

Bhiwani 5Hi Friends

Here comes Friday workout:  (missed to write for Thursday – will cover it later)

Jog / Walk -1 km

Warm Stretches – 10 mins

Circuit Training:

8 Stations: if you have a partner would be better – to have a appropriate break between sets.

Each station – 1 min – then break for a min and move to next station — hence it helps to work in buddy pairs — if not avoid making this as a aexcuse!!!!!!!!!

1st station – Step up and down – 2steps with throwing punches (with 1 lg dumbbells).

2nd station – Sit down with legs spread with back to each other and passing Medicine ball to each other.

3rd Station – Bench press (with barbell / dumbbells) with light weights – with speed…

4th station – Clean and Jerk – with light weight – with speed as much as possible

5th Station – Skipping

6th station – sit-ups

7th station – lunges

8th station – hammer

After doing 8 stations break for 3 min and go for another set — total 3 sets!!

Cooling down stretches – 15 min

And then enjoy your Friday!!

Time to Enjoy is Now – Here and Always!!


Fitness – Lets Do it Together III


Hi Friends,

Sorry, Got busy and  forgot to post today’s Yoga session – will do it separately for sure

Here comes Wednesday Workout–

Speed Training –

Warm -up – 15 Mins

Sprints – 100 mtrs – X 5, 50 mtrs X 8, 25 mtrs X 10  after every sprint slow jog same distance. (Try as best as you can – don’t reduce the distance but may do less reps)

Stretching – 3 mins

Step – ups with dumbbells (to start with 1 kg in each hands ) – Throwing punches simultaneously  as fast as you can-

Two steps – one after the other – 2 min – break 1 min

One step – alternate legs jumps – 1 min  – break 1 min

Jump with both legs, – 1 min  — break 2 min

Rope climbing – 5 mtrs — X 3 set  or pull-ups 10 X 3 sets

Sit – ups and leg raises – 20 reps each – 3 sets

Plank – 2 mins X 2 sets,

Cooling down – jog / walk 1 km —  stretching – 10 mins

and then enjoy your day..

Time to enjoy is now!

Entire gamut of Fitness: My Fitness : Your Fitness

Gym 1I was wondering other day as to what are those ingredients; those need inclusion in a structure that I need to follow over a week, which will provide for entire gamut of fitness. Thought of taking out one hour on Sunday – getting up leisurely and going over the needs of the body, it flowed as follows:






Tranquility of mind

There may be more to it; but thought of penning down as it came by and keep adding to it.

Then came the question; how do I fit in all this in a weeks schedule. Do I take them day by day spreading over a week or do I need to fit in two in a day working it out alternate days or do I address two a week and make it a month long schedule.. Another thought popped up, which said buddy you need to workout twice a day!! Can I take out that kind of time; or does my game / sport need all this or can I omit anything from it.

No. of options started ticking, and kept wondering what could be the best combination or structure and getting further confused…..

But then I thought of taking head-on each item a day (irrespective of Saturday or Sunday or Holiday) and then decide about other questions over next weekend. And somehow it worked so well that I have been able to keep up to the schedule incorporating all these above aspect in fitness and keep ticking and keep kicking alive as they say these days!!

Of course other aspects connected to it do need to be taken cognizance of, such as Nutrition etc.., will talk about them some time later; as I believe every culture and place has its diet for its own environment, and one should not disturb it..

Friends, may I request your suggestions or comments, to add to your own workout

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