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Triathlon : Does the age really matter ?

FB 27 Nov 4It surprised me when I was reading about the Triathletes; they say average age of a Triathlete who participates for an Ironman race is 40! Can you believe this!

What does it mean; if translated otherwise – it means – As one gets older it makes us more tough.

It’s all Mental nothing Physical about it!

So don’t allow the thought of aging set in your mind; feel younger and go for it!!

Whichever side of Forty you are; We all can do it; Go for it.

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Runners High



Today after a long time I went for a eight km run followed by Yoga for an hour. What an inspirational way to start a day. How did I miss it for past six months? You can blame no one but yourself.

As I started to jog, I found; I took almost a km to feel like wormed up; which used to be in about 400mtrs or so. After warm up; initial 5 mins were fine but then started feeling pain in the knees and calf’s; it started telling me that something is wrong there; was it just an illusion as I had not run for a long time or was it real? It was difficult to make out but kept my mind on running / jogging, wanted to remove that thought of pain – it was difficult but continued and tried to bring on memories of my last run, when I did half marathon. The thought of having run half marathon itself made the pain go away!; when I started visualizing how I felt after that event was quite refreshing and  gave me further strength to continue; however en-route at a road junction thought process broke and again feeling of pain and uneasiness re-surfaced.

I don’t know what to call it but I found I had finished about 4.5 kms by then.  This time I was determined and wanted to remove the thought of pain (said to myself, let whatever be the case need to complete 8 km today!). Started looking around and reading various sign postings and advertisements; one of them reminded me of the beautiful memories of the shopping for running shoes; which were so light in weight. Again I found the thought of pain had vanished and I could go for another3 kms; probably I was in a different world i.e. the feeling of having purchased light weight shoes which were in blue and white in colour with an orange colour sole and how I had picked them up in one look at the store.  After the purchase how we had a treat of chocolate ice-cream. Then I looked at my shoes felt proud and saw the end of 8 kms and was there in 40 mins.

Having completed I was feeling top of the world (was it a runners high!!) and felt like I could run more, I don’t know what was stopping me from doing this for past six months. Was I so busy in work or was it that I did not allow the thought of running coming to mind or I did not think of that amazing moment / that satisfaction after having run half marathon. I was amazed at doing 8 kms non-stop even after a break of six months. What was it? I didn’t pay attention, I was just happy and went for Yoga and did it for an hour without any pain or any uneasiness.

Now when I sit alone after a bath and breakfast; looking at the blue sky, I realize how sweet and happening memories (be it visual or feeling or touch or taste!!) of different times kept me alive for 8 kms, made me go that extra mile. It also kept me wondering how I kept myself aloof from these most significant moments in life; do I need to keep revisiting them often. I am sure they would keep me going against any odds.

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