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Leadership from Down Below!! or Within!!

transformational-leadershipToday, one of my friend shared a video with me from TED, a talk on Case Study on 26/11 attack, by Rohit Deshpande, a Professor at Harvard and you won’t believe the kind of message he gave, it was fantastic!! It is certainly a lesson for all Leaders Junior or Senior

One must watch this video to understand what is Leadership from down below / within, how can we make our enterprises or our Teams to behave this way, what do we need to do to achieve this. It all starts from selection to training to grooming and providing them environment to perform and grow and continuously keep updating on all these issues.. I know its quite a daunting task but then if one gets in to the Leaders Shoes; he or she needs to work on it; whether you like it or not; so might as well like it and do it!!

It also provides a matter for research in Psychology, why people behave differently in different situations, and even forget natural instincts!!

Following is the Link for the said Video:

Happy Leading!!

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