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Thanks to Participants : Mii Triathlon, Pune, 02 mar 2014 – First time in Open waters at Pune

ImageHi Friends,

It went off so smooth, we never realized when it was over; thanks to all the participants, volunteers and spectators which made the event.  With an addition of Olympic Distance and moving the Triathlon to Open Waters to outskirts of the city, we were little apprehensive about the participation as many had fear of Open waters, few had apprehensions about cleanliness of water etc etc, but having tested the water and arranging for Practice Swim a week earlier removed all apprehensions and to our surprise it became an International Event. We had participants from Scotland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada,  Israel and others apart from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Satara, Bangalore and many other places across India.

Event had three categories for Men and Women – Olympic Distance, Sprint and Novice. Youngest participant was 11 years old – Master Rohit Dewal, who cut the cake at the Finish line to celebrate the event.

Though the route for cycling and Running went through hills and made it a tough course, testing everyone’s endurance; everyone enjoyed the ride and had satisfaction on their faces at the Finish.

Potential always existed here but for the platform and opportunity. We look forward to take participants to new heights when it comes to next event… Await announcement !

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running !

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My Triathlon 14 Jul 2013: Thanks to Participants, Team Pune Running and COEM

ImageWe had a shortened version of Sprint Triathlon consisting 300 mtrs Swim – 10 Kms Cycling – and 5 kms Running on 14 Jul 2013. The objective was to give a feel of Triathlon to everyone and get realization of own potential so as to go ahead with some benchmark for ourselves.

This was the first time such an event was organized in Pune. The event went off so smoothly that when it was over; nobody realized we could ever host it this way. There was lot of curiosity, ambiguity and much more when we took up this as a project. Firstly we would like to thank Nikhil Shah and Pune Running for coming ahead, supporting us although the preparations till execution. Kaustubh Kesarkar, the Race Director (himself a Comrades Finisher twice) and Vishal kamath, Asst Director for the Race need a special mention for going through minutest of the details in organizing the Race.

We had 112 registrations and finally 90 participated in the event. The best time clocked was 59 mins by Ms. Chaitrali Pavanaskar and average time taken was 1 hr 15 mins. But timing was secondary for most as it was their first such attempt and dream of doing a Triathlon came true.

After the event many wanted to go in for it again with increased distances. We then felt to go in for 500 mtrs swim – 15 kms Cycling – 5 kms Running in Oct this year. We are sure in Oct 2013 we will have more participants going for it.

The un-sung contributors have been Students from College of Event and Media, Pune; who volunteered to provide support the Race without any expectations. Big thanks to them also.

The event also saw, Manoj Pingale, an Olympian in Boxing (Seoul 1988) felicitating Nishit Biniwale (Ironman Finisher at Auatria this year), and 3 Comrades Kaustubh Kesarkar, Vivek Prasad and Dnyanesh Chitnis.

Thanks to all participants and see you in Oct in great strength!

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running!!

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