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Technology – Health Care and Team Sport

ImageOther day I saw a talk on video by Eric Dishman on how Health Care needs to be a Team Sport. How true it was. The technology has blessed us with so many new avenues of doing / performing things; be it on Sports field or Engineering or Medical or Agriculture or Water Management, Media etc.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that, it is a technology which is asking us to join hands; and telling us how we can achieve more and better if we join hands. The outcome, the result, the endpoint, the target, how best we can achieve in a better time frame and with least efforts if we join hands. Can we adopt in our day today business / routine / work or whatever we do? What prevents us from doing it? Is it self interest, ego, or competition or what is it? Must watch this video at following link Image

It is a technology driven world and does it mean for us, to follow it by joining hands!!!

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