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Running and Fitness = or > Opening a Recurring Account in a Hospital later!!


Yesterday, had an interaction with a new client at our Boxing Gym, which goes as follows:

Client (C): I have come for an enquiry for Boxing / Gym.

I said (I): Fine what do want to know.(after asking fees etc it goes on as follows)

C: what value do i get back! (Fortunately / UN-fortunately we have a Hospital next door!)
I said: There is a hospital next door and rather than opening an account there after few years; preferably one can open an account for fitness or if you don’t want to invest in a Gym / Boxing; at least start investing in Running / Jogging / Walking for 40 mins a day, that will save you the recurring expenditure on medicine at a later age!!

Is it that one is always looking for a materialist value / return from anything we spend, may be in terms of time or money!! (just because someone sometime said about ROI (return on investment!!)

Join us for Running on 28 Apr 2013


Enjoy running!! or Whatever you do in life and not measure everything in terms of materialistic returns!!

Hasta Luego!!

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