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Triathlon : Does the age really matter ?

FB 27 Nov 4It surprised me when I was reading about the Triathletes; they say average age of a Triathlete who participates for an Ironman race is 40! Can you believe this!

What does it mean; if translated otherwise – it means – As one gets older it makes us more tough.

It’s all Mental nothing Physical about it!

So don’t allow the thought of aging set in your mind; feel younger and go for it!!

Whichever side of Forty you are; We all can do it; Go for it.

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Running at Outdoors Vs Running on a Treadmill Bottom-line: Keep Running!!

ImageMany of us do running at outdoors and many do it on a treadmill; kept me wondering which is better..

Both have its pluses and minuses as I looked at it.

Outdoors give you fresh air and continuously changing scene around whereas treadmill doesn’t..

Outdoors you can have companion running alongside with same speed and can be great motivator, which doesn’t / can’t happen on a treadmill.. What a loss!! However many prefer running alone, not a bad idea, everyone must suit their convenience.. Bottom-line being one must Run!!

At outdoors without a machine; one runs with natural steps, whereas on treadmill I found something different; machine pulling me rather than I going for it!!.

At outdoors; one motivates others and one can spread running disease!! This is good for health, an abnormal disease!!?

Outdoors one can keep changing places and explore new places with running as habit!!

Is it because I fear that I may not be able to run continuously for a given time, so I start on treadmill and get addicted to it, or I fear running in front of others because of shape / size; what would others say / comment!!—whatever could be the reason (Is it Psychology that plays such negative role!!) But isn’t it better, to shade such myths and move out running / jogging / walking at Outdoors!!

Yes, may be when one doesn’t have time for outdoors or have such a busy schedule, once in a while treadmill is fine.

Thought of keeping it incomplete for you all to fill in, what comes to your mind!!

Happy Running!!

Boxing: How viewed differently by different people!!

logoBox dec

It is an age old sport and certainly a great one. Many people look at it as most injurious to health; while some look at it towards developing an attitude in a person, some say it generates aggression; I keep wondering what is it that one take away from it!
I feel when a Boxer trains for the competition and not for the show off; he develops humbleness. He or she becomes more humble. Probably aggression is there, when he / she joins Boxing but as they train and spar every week; aggression takes its place within and humbleness develops.

They are able to understand self better; which is probably the key to happy life.
It certainly gives fitness with full body exercise and much more to groom youngsters.
No doubt it is the sport which Armies across the World use to find traits in a person!!
How do you view it?
May we have your comments??
Happy Boxing!!

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