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Sports Performance and Leadership

CollageLeadership and Sports performance; how similar are the requirements when a question of practical application of Leadership is discussed. Be it a individual sport or a team sport; many of the traits / ingredients needed are same. The challenge is more when it is a team sport.

Let’s see what those ingredients are when it comes to delivery / performance – Motivation, self confidence, anxiety management / beating the ambiguity, clarity in thought process, resource management, delivery at correct time, commitment and much more. Leaders at all levels of management need all these ingredients if they wish to deliver in correct perspective.

So is there a case in point that a person he / she performing Leadership role preferably be pursuing some or other performance sport; if not pursued in younger days (of course apart from having the subject domain knowledge)– to get these ingredients naturally and need not spend separate time in understanding Leadership as subject by itself unless moving to higher level of Leadership.

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Enjoy Sports!!

Dilemma Of Psychology!

DilemmaMany a time Psychologists / Counselors put the subjects through instruments and find a fault with an individual. There after they tell a person that he / she has something wrong (as per their discovery!!). Poor fellows accept it and probably worst follows – the guys start thinking on those lines – more they think of that wrong – more they are likely to repeat it.
Do we need to find the way around this? Can we not tell that person about the wrong he possesses but address it in a manner; the person does not get the hang of it but starts correcting himself / herself.

Any suggestions!!
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