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Sports and Development of Children / Youth

sportsIs there a connection between these two i.e. Playing sports and Development of Children? Certainly, there is when one looks at sports as an recreational activity.. When one plays a sport be it Individual or team,

The child goes through a process of continuous interaction for the said duration.

He / she watches, observes others and learn from them.

He / she understand / abide by rules of the game and thus learn discipline.

He/ she builds self confidence, it instills aggression apart from building physical fitness and cohesiveness within the players.

Does it not give a understanding of patience or perseverance.

The child also learns creativity by changing moves or elements of surprise (how to use it to defeat the opponent!!)

With the fitness level increasing he / she develop better motor abilities apart from co-ordination limbs and eyes. Fitness also brings about betterment of cardio-vascular strength, which brings about good blood / oxygen circulation; in turn benefiting in overall growth.

Winning and losing is best understood in the sport by children; thus preparing them to accept defeat or taking defeat in a stride in later part of their life.

We can think of many such benefits of Sports. Thus isn’t there a need for each and every child to go through a sporting regime apart from computer games!!

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