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Triathlon : Does the age really matter ?

FB 27 Nov 4It surprised me when I was reading about the Triathletes; they say average age of a Triathlete who participates for an Ironman race is 40! Can you believe this!

What does it mean; if translated otherwise – it means – As one gets older it makes us more tough.

It’s all Mental nothing Physical about it!

So don’t allow the thought of aging set in your mind; feel younger and go for it!!

Whichever side of Forty you are; We all can do it; Go for it.

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Talk – 20 Jul 2013 – Ironman and Comrades, IMA Hall, Pune

ImageIt was a gathering of about 100, to listen to ironman – Nishit Biniwale and Comrades – Vivek Prasad (3 consecutive times), Kaustubh Keasrkar (2 Consecutive times), Dnyanesh Chitnis and Dr. Sandeep kate (1 Time). They shared their experiences starting with, getting to know running – getting motivated to do it (or go for it) – then their preparation and finally experience of what it was during the event.

As I understood them::

Before they attempted such a feat – They all were an average sports enthusiast and doing something or other to keep themselves fit nothing more!

They all had some or other turning point to look at these events as a challenge for them.

 The turning point was not offered to them but they all searched for it themselves             and found it (Do we need to keep our eyes / ears / and all senses open for such turning points – one never knows when the opportunity will present itself and am I  ready to take such challenges – why not!) or is it a fear of unknown that is holding me back every time.

All had a time frame of about One year plus to develop it as a passion.

All of them set themselves a Goal and went for it; and never ever allowed the   thought of giving up surface in their mind.

All of them had a belief in themselves that they can do it.

All worked with some or other amateurs while training without waiting for professional guidance (imagine if they get that, what they would turnout to be)

All had some or other break point during the event; where a thought struck their mind- why they were doing it despite that they went on doing it just because they had decided to do it.

Even after achieving such a feat, every one of them was humble and full of humility and humor.

All were eager to convey that we all or everyone else can also do it.

You all would agree, in such a short span of time how these guys gave us no. of lessons for a life. We have a saying in Commando Wing of the Infantry School “When the Going gets Tough; the Tough get Going!” which these guys proved it right.

We are really thankful to them and Pune Running for organizing such a talk for us and also to Rakesh Mehta for making the environment conducive for such interaction.

Happy Running! –Happy Swimming! – Happy Cycling!

Running and Golf : How Similar are Both!! A Thought for Beginners!!

Run n golfOther day when we went for 18 hole course; a thought struck my mind!! How similar is Running to Golf!! Both games; one is competing against self!! Both need mental toughness, calmness, continuous motivation, continuous focus even if one shot goes bad – how does one recover, or in running initial pain / cramps in calf or thigh or stomach or uneasiness- how does one overcome?? I felt both need similar application of mind and body, grit and determination.

For a beginner whether Golf or Running, probably similar psyche is needed. One needs to be determined for it, stop getting frustrated as some people say ‘Stop defeating yourself before you begin!!’

One needs to be enough charged, to take it on as a challenge and Have Belief that we all do have Physical Capabilities and Skills to Run or play Golf..

What does one do while taking position for a drive in Golf– he or she checks herself up as regards feet position, holding of club, position of club, how much to lean forward keeping once back straight, with eye on ball, not only eye but focus on the ball placed on the tee, remove all other thoughts from the mind, then visualize ones drive. Then take a step back and revisit the driving place – do everything again and go for the shot!!

When it comes to running, can we set ourselves a drill; when I am a beginner.. Once I have decided to start running.. Check your kit from the vest to shorts and shoes you are going to wear, keep them ready earlier night, morning when you get, keep the determination going and keep visualizing the distance you are going to cover. How am I going to warm up – through stretching or walking and stretching or jogging and stretching..  Then go for warm up, do stretches and take a first step to running; may be a short distance to begin with 2 kms and thereafter stretching yourself to 4 to 5 to 10 and keep increasing!!

All through the run, one need to keep focus on the feet placement one after the other, hands position and movement, rhythm in the breathing and continuously keep your thoughts in place, keep grit and determination, especially when he or she is a beginner. Once you are a regular runner, it is only a matter of warm up and then everything becomes mechanical – nothing is physical!!

Happy Running and Golfing!!

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