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Daily Routine : Fitness is the First and the Only Casualty!! Is it so!! Your comments please!!

ImageHi Friends,

Thought of penning down few thoughts on daily routine, what we do, what can we do, what should we do, what must we do and how could it be done, how i must do it!!!

When we talk of a daily routine in a normal life; it is like a plan of action that is as important as, we put in place for any Project be it a Software or Manufacturing or Media or whatever.

From the time we get up, we go about the day; that is important to us but thought of putting across a structure, of course it is debatable and every individual will have a say on it depending on his or her priorities. However it goes as follows for the Office goers:

Wake up                                                        5 am

Get ready by                                               6

Morning exercise                               6 – 7

Get ready by                                               8

At office  by                                                8.30 / 9 depending on a distance

Work  till                                                     1 pm

Lunch                                                          1 – 2

Work till                                                     6  (so you have clocked 8 hrs in case of time                                                    bound or if it is task based may get out by 4.30 and advance things by 1.30 hrs)

Reach a Ground or Gym by               6.30 / 7

Exercise / game / Sport till       8

Return and ready for dinner            9

Off to sleep by                                        9.45   (sleep for 7 hrs)

ImageNow are the questions, those start erupting in mind — How and when do I fit in meeting friends / relatives, don’t have time for myself, when do I fit in socialization, and many such questions depending on liking’s / preferences.

With these questions erupting in mind;  first to become Casualty  is Exercise / Game / Sport; does it happen, if it is happening, am I enjoying it or do I need to change??

May I request your comments please,

Enjoy Fitness!!!

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