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Coaches Dilemma : Understanding Psychology of Parents Viz a viz Demands of Boxing


Been thinking on one of the reasons – why kids move away from Boxing at an early stage!!

Thought to share – One of the perspective

Many a times when parents get their kid for Boxing; their expectations are their kid should be able to learn Boxing in about 3 months time and want to see that kid in the ring for a competition… Yet to understand the outlook of the said parents..

Becomes difficult to convince most of them; not necessarily their kid will find a place for competition in the ring; the demands of Boxing are different – as a coach i would not like to put the kid in a ring for a competition without him / her being physically and mentally prepared for it. Yes one can put him or her for a sparring session but not the competition.. Doesn’t the kid deserve that extra time to understand the demands of Boxing and nuances of this special sport..

A loss in a Boxing match can be more traumatizing than a loss in Tennis. Here the kid gets a physical beating when he losses. Thus the recovery mentally and physically is different.. and this may get embedded in the kid’s mind so much; wherein he / she may carry that fear all through.. Would the parents like that to happen to the kid. I am sure the answer would be NO.

But then many a times the desire to see their kid in the competition may over-weigh the desire to groom the kid to take on life positively. This turns out (most of the cases) to make the kid move away from the wonderful game of Boxing to some other sport without having learnt the basics of the Boxing.

Wondering how do we tackle this..

Happy Boxing!


Fitness – Lets Do it Together III


Hi Friends,

Sorry, Got busy and  forgot to post today’s Yoga session – will do it separately for sure

Here comes Wednesday Workout–

Speed Training –

Warm -up – 15 Mins

Sprints – 100 mtrs – X 5, 50 mtrs X 8, 25 mtrs X 10  after every sprint slow jog same distance. (Try as best as you can – don’t reduce the distance but may do less reps)

Stretching – 3 mins

Step – ups with dumbbells (to start with 1 kg in each hands ) – Throwing punches simultaneously  as fast as you can-

Two steps – one after the other – 2 min – break 1 min

One step – alternate legs jumps – 1 min  – break 1 min

Jump with both legs, – 1 min  — break 2 min

Rope climbing – 5 mtrs — X 3 set  or pull-ups 10 X 3 sets

Sit – ups and leg raises – 20 reps each – 3 sets

Plank – 2 mins X 2 sets,

Cooling down – jog / walk 1 km —  stretching – 10 mins

and then enjoy your day..

Time to enjoy is now!

Preventive Medicine Missing : Alarming dis -proportion : Sporting Facilities vis-s-vis Hospitals / Clinics!

ImageNext to our Boxing Club is one of the biggest Hospital in Pune. However, when i had a good look at it other day, while exercising found that, they are constructing another building behind main hospital, as they are not able to cope up with the rush of patients. The new building is going to be more taller than the earlier one.

What does one make out of it? There is a pressure on Hospitals!!

That set me thinking to check the no. of hospitals and no. sporting / exercising facilities available. To my surprise, i found at every corner / junction there was a doctor clinic or hospital but when i searched for sporting / exercising facilities hardly any when compared to mushrooming of doctors clinics / hospitals.(And still they say there are less doctors!!)

Why do no. of patients outweigh the fit people around!!

is this an alarming site??

Probably yes; is there a need for generating awareness.

Is there a need for getting people move out for exercise or is it an ordinary site every where and take it as a norm!

Does it start with Schools; there are no grounds in the schools for students to play, they have a Physical Training class everyday but what would they be doing without ground?

Is this leading to such a dis-proportion?

Keep wondering about the priorities we have!

Is there a need to start running / jogging / exercising daily; may be just 40 mins a day or is it too big a time to avoid doctors / hospitals!!

Is there a need to develop more sporting facilities than hospitals as a preventive medicine?

Happy Boxing! Happy Running! Happy Cycling! Happy Swimming!

Thanks to Pune Running (for the run towards encouraging Boxing Fraternity of Pune (28 Apr 2013)

ImageIt was a Last Sunday of April, one of the hottest day of this summer, yet when we arrived at 5 am for the arrangements, we found people started trickling in dot at 5.15 am sharp. That gave us the sense of discipline of Runners of Pune Running (we stick to our time!!) and in no time 90 + Runners gathered for 15k and 21 k Run. When their Run was flagged off at 6 am; we found sharp 6.15 am 5 k and 10 k Runners (300+) started gathering, exchanging notes, some warming up, some first timers with anxiety on their face, some in group with “No Problem” emotions on their faces, some with complete family Father, Mother and Children all ready to run together, it was a wonderful sight (It showed how Pune Running in no time has made difference in people of Pune); it was like they were all waiting for Last Sunday of the Month.

ImageAnother enjoyable sight was when Runners used to finish their run; they used to have a look at their watch; some were happy, some grunttled on themselves for not having clocked their best and taking a vow to do it next time, some had a look of achievement but common expression on everyone’s face was SMILE!! How could it have been possible to get a similar smile on 400 + people.. No doubt it is an example of perseverance, wherein regardless of any hurdles, Pune Running has shown Grit and Determination in instilling such an Healthy Life style which now people of Pune have made it as an habit of themselves.

ImageThe event also saw Two Boxing bouts; one in boys category and one in girls category; for sure all the runners enjoyed it which was evident in a thunderous applause after the bouts.. It was also an unique day when we had Mr. Manoj Pingale an Olympian in Boxing 1988 Seoul, and an Arjuna Awardee, and Mr. Mangesh Kamble, an Asian Gold Medalist on the Boxing Ring Together..

Thanks to Pune Running for giving us an opportunity to host the event and making it Run towards encouraging Boxing Fraternity of Pune!!!

God Bless!! Keep up the Good Work!!

Running and Fitness = or > Opening a Recurring Account in a Hospital later!!


Yesterday, had an interaction with a new client at our Boxing Gym, which goes as follows:

Client (C): I have come for an enquiry for Boxing / Gym.

I said (I): Fine what do want to know.(after asking fees etc it goes on as follows)

C: what value do i get back! (Fortunately / UN-fortunately we have a Hospital next door!)
I said: There is a hospital next door and rather than opening an account there after few years; preferably one can open an account for fitness or if you don’t want to invest in a Gym / Boxing; at least start investing in Running / Jogging / Walking for 40 mins a day, that will save you the recurring expenditure on medicine at a later age!!

Is it that one is always looking for a materialist value / return from anything we spend, may be in terms of time or money!! (just because someone sometime said about ROI (return on investment!!)

Join us for Running on 28 Apr 2013


Enjoy running!! or Whatever you do in life and not measure everything in terms of materialistic returns!!

Hasta Luego!!

Boxing and Leadership

Gym amd Boxing 10 Jul 2009 047

How similar are these two – Playing Boxing and performing Leadership Roll. I feel they are exactly the same. When an individual is sparring or playing in the ring; firstly need to overcome anxiety, be psychologically prepared, understand skill sets needed at different point of time, have self confidence, understand opponents tactics – his/her strengths and weaknesses, find opportune moments, many a time use surprise as tool, and what not.

Do you agree? Request your comments

Enjoy Boxing!

Boxing: How viewed differently by different people!!

logoBox dec

It is an age old sport and certainly a great one. Many people look at it as most injurious to health; while some look at it towards developing an attitude in a person, some say it generates aggression; I keep wondering what is it that one take away from it!
I feel when a Boxer trains for the competition and not for the show off; he develops humbleness. He or she becomes more humble. Probably aggression is there, when he / she joins Boxing but as they train and spar every week; aggression takes its place within and humbleness develops.

They are able to understand self better; which is probably the key to happy life.
It certainly gives fitness with full body exercise and much more to groom youngsters.
No doubt it is the sport which Armies across the World use to find traits in a person!!
How do you view it?
May we have your comments??
Happy Boxing!!

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