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Deveopment or Performance of Leadership Directly Proportional to Environment

ImageBe it Military or Industry, Manufacturing or Service or Pharma or Media or be it whatever,  Development and then  Performance of Leadership is directly proportional to environment that exists in the Organization.

Leadership traits such as Loyalty, Integrity, courage, decisiveness, grit, perseverance, focus, impartiality etc are certainly the musts for the leader to lead his or her team / organization but above all it is the environment that prevails in the team or organization has a major bearing on the performance of Leadership. Do you agree??

For that to happen, it cannot be achieved through a Certification Course but though application of his or her knowledge by the Leader; should we say create conditions those suit his or her style of functioning?? Then comes the big question; how to go about it…., can it be taught or the leader need to keep trying as it would be different from one to another organization!!

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