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Here comes 3rd edition of Mii Triathlon at Pune India, on 02 Mar 2014, with Olympic Distance and moving to Open Water Swim. For Pune its going to be the first time ever. Test your metal. We all can do it; just need a start somewhere. Pick up your Tri-Suit / Cycle and join in.

You have three categories – Novice / Sprint / Olympic Distance.

You can get details of the race at .

Registrations open on 03 Feb 2014.

Book your place now!

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running!


Thursday Morning Motivation

Unlearning and Learning



Somewhere i read that a seed will only germinate if it ceases to be a seed.

How true?

When related to Adult learning; certainly makes sense!

What do you say!!

Happy Unlearning and Learning!

FB 27 Nov 4It surprised me when I was reading about the Triathletes; they say average age of a Triathlete who participates for an Ironman race is 40! Can you believe this!

What does it mean; if translated otherwise – it means – As one gets older it makes us more tough.

It’s all Mental nothing Physical about it!

So don’t allow the thought of aging set in your mind; feel younger and go for it!!

Whichever side of Forty you are; We all can do it; Go for it.

Join us at

Very well put across,

Thanks for sharing insights.



Been thinking on one of the reasons – why kids move away from Boxing at an early stage!!

Thought to share – One of the perspective

Many a times when parents get their kid for Boxing; their expectations are their kid should be able to learn Boxing in about 3 months time and want to see that kid in the ring for a competition… Yet to understand the outlook of the said parents..

Becomes difficult to convince most of them; not necessarily their kid will find a place for competition in the ring; the demands of Boxing are different – as a coach i would not like to put the kid in a ring for a competition without him / her being physically and mentally prepared for it. Yes one can put him or her for a sparring session but not the competition.. Doesn’t the kid deserve that extra time to understand the demands of Boxing and nuances of this special sport..

A loss in a Boxing match can be more traumatizing than a loss in Tennis. Here the kid gets a physical beating when he losses. Thus the recovery mentally and physically is different.. and this may get embedded in the kid’s mind so much; wherein he / she may carry that fear all through.. Would the parents like that to happen to the kid. I am sure the answer would be NO.

But then many a times the desire to see their kid in the competition may over-weigh the desire to groom the kid to take on life positively. This turns out (most of the cases) to make the kid move away from the wonderful game of Boxing to some other sport without having learnt the basics of the Boxing.

Wondering how do we tackle this..

Happy Boxing!


Thought of sharing what training has been planned by us for next two weeks  for  08 Dec Sprint Triathlon.

Mon –  Swim – 1 km- Cycle – 10 kms – Run 3 kms

Tue –  Cycle – 30 kms – Run – 10 kms

Wed – Swim – 1 km – Cycle 10 kms  – Run 3 kms

Thu – Swim 1 km –  Run 10 kms

Fri – Strength weight training

Sat –  Swim 1 km – Cycle – 30 km – Run 10 kms

Sun – Rest

All these sessions need to start with a warm up for 15 mins and followed by cooling down stretching for 15 mins.

Jot down timings everyday..

Morning is the best time for workout; thereafter get home – relax – freshen up and go for work. and enjoy your day.:)

One needs to devise his or her own training schedule; as it suits him or her best, isn’t it that simple!

Go for it and you will enjoy it…

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running!

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