Belief in Human Potential

Corporate Training Towards Development of Performance

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To facilitate people in realizing their potential through challenge, training and self discovery.

Core values

Integrity | Honesty | Belief in human potential | Passion

Brief :

MI Initiatives based at Pune, offers Training programs towards development of Organizational Performance through Leadership Development, Team Building, Motivation for the Corporate, Government and Business Schools through Outbound and Indoors modules apart from other Soft Skills Training / Adventure activities.

MI Initiatives has Camp Site – Camp M I,  on Lavasa Road, near Pune and has a PAN India presence by hosting training towards development of performance through Outbound and Indoor training’s such as Leadership Development, Team Building, Motivation and other Soft Skills at •Bangalore •Bhubaneswar •Chandigarh •Chhattisgarh •Delhi • Gujarat • Panchmadhi • Hyderabad and etc.

We also have innovative structures for Family Camping and Youth Development as well as Fitness Boot camps with Self Defence for Women and much more.

Continuous research in Training’s and Training Methods has been our passion..

Sweat More in Peace – Bleed Less in War!

Happy Training!

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