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Unlearning and Learning



Somewhere i read that a seed will only germinate if it ceases to be a seed.

How true?

When related to Adult learning; certainly makes sense!

What do you say!!

Happy Unlearning and Learning!

Most Important Need of the Day!


Yesterday, while interacting with few youngsters realized how many of them lack clarity on their Own Goal in Life. Is the Goal so important in life or one should take on the life as it comes. Certainly some clarity is must or I would say not some but definite clarity is must. Fun, Enjoyment is also a must but has to have its place when it comes to deciding the stream you want to pursue. In Indian context, as it from 11th std onwards, one chooses the correct one that one really wants or keep blaming for life and keep cursing the bad decision at some point of time

Many join Science or Arts or Commerce Stream just because of peers or just because someone at home / some relative puts words in their mouth. Do we ever check with the young ones as to what they want to do in life? May be parents at times are seen only getting aptitude test done for the kids and move on with it. Is it enough, I feel it’s much more than that. The kids must be allowed to explore themselves through different means, methods and exposures; not only indoors but outdoors as well before they take a call.

We thought of giving youngsters an opportunity / exposure through different means / activities to find out for themselves; what they really are capable of and what they really want to home on to when time comes to decide for themselves.

Do join in for the Youth Boot camp if you wish to undergo a process that will provide for the clarity about self or a clarity on  what you want for your near and dear ones. You can enroll them following the link below for registration:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives 

Happy Outing!

Youth Development : Diwali Vacations: Pune, India


This is how we look at this Boot camp.


For details and registration please go to following link:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives

Any more ideas; request to please share.

Happy Outing!

“You can not teach a person anything; you can only make him / her discover it within himself / herself”.  Anonymous

Youth Boot Camp (Bronze) 07 to 10 Nov 2013 – Pune, India


It gives us immense pleasure in announcing a Boot Camp (Bronze) For Youth this Diwali vacations from 07 Nov to 10 Nov 2013 at our Camp Site – Camp M I, at Andgaon on Lavasa Road, Pune.

This one is for the age group 13 to 16 years.

Limited batch size of 25.

For details and registration please go to following link:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives

We intend to make it a three stage Challenge for the Youth. Bronze being a beginner level – then Silver being next which would be for 7 days and Gold level being for 10 days.

Also request to share with everyone who may be interested to join for the same.

Happy Outing!

“You can not teach a person anything; you can only make him / her discover it within himself / herself”.  Anonymous


Youth Boot Camp: 07 to 10 Nov 2013


This Diwali Vacation, thought to get young to Outdoors; with a belief that, Leaders are made and not born—the young, impressionable minds need exposure at the correct age to understand the nuances of Leadership i. e. in their formative years. instill self-confidence not just through knowledge (which is provided in plenty through theory in our education system today) but vide honing their latent physical and mental prowess. Also, educate them on the significance of Discipline (more importantly Self-discipline) in their life and much more.

Join in; you can write to us at

Happy Outing!

Sport – Army – Corporate – Governance: What Matters Most is Performance!! A Workshop to Rewind and search for it…

Hi Friends,

It’s been six years plus in to training – Corporate Training; mostly Outbound and some Indoors, post retirement from Army.. The pattern that I have witnessed is unique and mostly all or I may even dare call all by now, have a set pattern of subjects to be addressed / methods / activities / gimmick..

Thought to change the pattern by introducing following Module; let’s see if some change can be brought in; as they say one need to Unlearn to Learn something New.

This I would call it a step towards unlearning…


 Learning is a continuous and unending process; need is to revisit basics intermittently to be on the right track! You can contact me at

Happy Unlearning and Learning!

Corporate Training : Has the field got Stagnated in Imaginations!

ImageEntered Corporate Training field in 2007. Its been 6 years plus now, and what i find most interesting / intriguing is that what i used to hear then, is what i hear now after so many years. Many have even kept Same Wine in Same Bottle!; not even bothered to change the bottle as well! Surprisingly many in behavioral training are still at a loss to show the ROI, as there has been no measure found yet, and probably won’t find it but are happy about it as they say it is un-measurable!!.

Is there a need to have a fresh look, or is it that, One is least bothered about it once the Training Budget is allotted! and There after it is only discussions and discussions and getting back to old wine bottle because of lack of imagination or lack of commitment or lack of risk taking ability or is it that we are happy with status quo / feel good factor…

If we are thinking of changing the entire gamut of training, what are those areas to change or how it can be done; where in many training subjects become inherent in other training’s! and / or is it that, there is a need to change the environment in Organisations or there is something more to it….

Many keep talking of Change Management; to be applied everywhere but for training’s! Surprising isn’t it?

For that matter, Take a example of Running, a basic (Mother) of  all Fitness and Sports; even there one finds variety of training methods, various approaches and cross training’s and what not, where building running strength becomes inherent in it

That got us to Start a Research in this field, would you like to join in?

Sweat More in Peace- Bleed Less in War!

Happy Training!

Leadership from Down Below!! or Within!!

transformational-leadershipToday, one of my friend shared a video with me from TED, a talk on Case Study on 26/11 attack, by Rohit Deshpande, a Professor at Harvard and you won’t believe the kind of message he gave, it was fantastic!! It is certainly a lesson for all Leaders Junior or Senior

One must watch this video to understand what is Leadership from down below / within, how can we make our enterprises or our Teams to behave this way, what do we need to do to achieve this. It all starts from selection to training to grooming and providing them environment to perform and grow and continuously keep updating on all these issues.. I know its quite a daunting task but then if one gets in to the Leaders Shoes; he or she needs to work on it; whether you like it or not; so might as well like it and do it!!

It also provides a matter for research in Psychology, why people behave differently in different situations, and even forget natural instincts!!

Following is the Link for the said Video:

Happy Leading!!

Deveopment or Performance of Leadership Directly Proportional to Environment

ImageBe it Military or Industry, Manufacturing or Service or Pharma or Media or be it whatever,  Development and then  Performance of Leadership is directly proportional to environment that exists in the Organization.

Leadership traits such as Loyalty, Integrity, courage, decisiveness, grit, perseverance, focus, impartiality etc are certainly the musts for the leader to lead his or her team / organization but above all it is the environment that prevails in the team or organization has a major bearing on the performance of Leadership. Do you agree??

For that to happen, it cannot be achieved through a Certification Course but though application of his or her knowledge by the Leader; should we say create conditions those suit his or her style of functioning?? Then comes the big question; how to go about it…., can it be taught or the leader need to keep trying as it would be different from one to another organization!!

Join us to discuss it more!!

Technology – Health Care and Team Sport

ImageOther day I saw a talk on video by Eric Dishman on how Health Care needs to be a Team Sport. How true it was. The technology has blessed us with so many new avenues of doing / performing things; be it on Sports field or Engineering or Medical or Agriculture or Water Management, Media etc.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that, it is a technology which is asking us to join hands; and telling us how we can achieve more and better if we join hands. The outcome, the result, the endpoint, the target, how best we can achieve in a better time frame and with least efforts if we join hands. Can we adopt in our day today business / routine / work or whatever we do? What prevents us from doing it? Is it self interest, ego, or competition or what is it? Must watch this video at following link Image

It is a technology driven world and does it mean for us, to follow it by joining hands!!!

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