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Confidence. Belief. Self Efficacy.

Very well put across !

You can’t control the uncontrollable, so don’t waste tears trying.

That was probably the most valuable piece of information I walked away with following the running symposium I attended this weekend at Burnaby’s Fortius Sport and Health Centre.

Sports psychologist David Cox (who works with the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Canadian Olympic snowboarding team) had just 20 minutes to share his expertise in getting the mind ready for race day. He didn’t waste any time. Talking a mile a minute and frantically chicken scratching notes on the whiteboard he spewed out key words: Confidence. Belief. Self Efficacy. He threw his hands up at negative pressure, he slapped outcome goals in the face, he weighed the cancer of extrinsic values to the reward of intrinsic.


As runners, we are so hung up on times, on the “brutal” win-or-lose mentality. But why not invest more on our performance goals, those things that…

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The Process vs The Result

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A Runner's Guide

One of the major buzz phrases in sports psychology right now is the need to “be a process-driven athlete” as opposed to “results-driven”.


The results-focused athlete enters a match or race thinking about winning or achieving a desired time. It’s a good competitive attitude but can actually cloud our judgement when it comes down to doing the things that make us successful in the first place.

Take the pre-2011 All Blacks.

Most New Zealanders will remember sitting through Rugby World Cup after Rugby World Cup in which we were the favourites, only to choke in the finals. In those heart-breaking games the All Blacks looked like they had the end result at the forefront of their minds while the process of how to get there was left fighting for attention. Unimaginative plays, poor defence, lack of team work, low work rate, these were all characteristics of the All Black’s game…

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Everyone should “tri”

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Enduring Change: Thrive, Don't Just Survive!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.


Do you enjoy trying new things? If so, I am guessing you are somewhat adventurous and I commend you for that! Now, let me ask a more specific question. Do you remember the first time your tried to ride a bike? What about the first time you tried to swim? What happened, were you any good that very first time? Of course not, there are very few things in life that we try one time and experience immediate success.

Think about that for just a are great at what you do today because somewhere along the way you added tenacity to “trying.” With each attempt, you gained confidence and your confidence guided your effort to the point when you became relentless!

I guess I am a bit biased but I believe with all my heart that triathlon is the best sport…

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Thanks to Participants : Mii Triathlon, Pune, 02 mar 2014 – First time in Open waters at Pune

ImageHi Friends,

It went off so smooth, we never realized when it was over; thanks to all the participants, volunteers and spectators which made the event.  With an addition of Olympic Distance and moving the Triathlon to Open Waters to outskirts of the city, we were little apprehensive about the participation as many had fear of Open waters, few had apprehensions about cleanliness of water etc etc, but having tested the water and arranging for Practice Swim a week earlier removed all apprehensions and to our surprise it became an International Event. We had participants from Scotland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada,  Israel and others apart from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Satara, Bangalore and many other places across India.

Event had three categories for Men and Women – Olympic Distance, Sprint and Novice. Youngest participant was 11 years old – Master Rohit Dewal, who cut the cake at the Finish line to celebrate the event.

Though the route for cycling and Running went through hills and made it a tough course, testing everyone’s endurance; everyone enjoyed the ride and had satisfaction on their faces at the Finish.

Potential always existed here but for the platform and opportunity. We look forward to take participants to new heights when it comes to next event… Await announcement !

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running !

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