Belief in Human Potential

ImageHi Friends,

Here comes a Sprint and Novice Triathlon for all on 08 Dec 2013 at Tlak Tank, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

It had been a great experience in Jul when we had our first Novice Triathlon.

It surprised me when I was reading about the Triathletes; they say average age of a Triathlete who participates for an Ironman race is 40! Can you believe this!

What does it mean; if translated otherwise – it means to me – As one gets older it makes us more tough.

It’s all Mental nothing Physical about it!

Even for a Marathoner (World class Performance); as they say his / her best comes at the age of 28 – 30, same if applied here- For  a Triathlete – more the age better the performance..

So don’t allow the thought of aging set in your mind; feel younger and go for it!!

We all can do it; Go for it.

Join us at

Happy Swimming – Cycling – Running!


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