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Fitness Let’s Do it Together IV

Bhiwani 5Hi Friends

Here comes Friday workout:  (missed to write for Thursday – will cover it later)

Jog / Walk -1 km

Warm Stretches – 10 mins

Circuit Training:

8 Stations: if you have a partner would be better – to have a appropriate break between sets.

Each station – 1 min – then break for a min and move to next station — hence it helps to work in buddy pairs — if not avoid making this as a aexcuse!!!!!!!!!

1st station – Step up and down – 2steps with throwing punches (with 1 lg dumbbells).

2nd station – Sit down with legs spread with back to each other and passing Medicine ball to each other.

3rd Station – Bench press (with barbell / dumbbells) with light weights – with speed…

4th station – Clean and Jerk – with light weight – with speed as much as possible

5th Station – Skipping

6th station – sit-ups

7th station – lunges

8th station – hammer

After doing 8 stations break for 3 min and go for another set — total 3 sets!!

Cooling down stretches – 15 min

And then enjoy your Friday!!

Time to Enjoy is Now – Here and Always!!


Fitness – Lets Do it Together III


Hi Friends,

Sorry, Got busy and  forgot to post today’s Yoga session – will do it separately for sure

Here comes Wednesday Workout–

Speed Training –

Warm -up – 15 Mins

Sprints – 100 mtrs – X 5, 50 mtrs X 8, 25 mtrs X 10  after every sprint slow jog same distance. (Try as best as you can – don’t reduce the distance but may do less reps)

Stretching – 3 mins

Step – ups with dumbbells (to start with 1 kg in each hands ) – Throwing punches simultaneously  as fast as you can-

Two steps – one after the other – 2 min – break 1 min

One step – alternate legs jumps – 1 min  – break 1 min

Jump with both legs, – 1 min  — break 2 min

Rope climbing – 5 mtrs — X 3 set  or pull-ups 10 X 3 sets

Sit – ups and leg raises – 20 reps each – 3 sets

Plank – 2 mins X 2 sets,

Cooling down – jog / walk 1 km —  stretching – 10 mins

and then enjoy your day..

Time to enjoy is now!

Fitness: Let’s Do it together – II


 Got busy on Sat – Sun at Outdoors – Fun and Frolic – little trek and Outdoor Fitness Camp – returned few hours back.. Get ready for Monday…

Here comes Monday Workout –

Jog 1 km

Warm –up – Stretching –       10 mins

Endurance run – 4.30 mins – Run with long strides – try and maintain same speed although –

Break 1 min and repeat 5 sets to begin with;

Stretching – 3 mins

Push –ups – 20 – 3 sets — with clapping if possible or else just normal Push-ups

Twisting to sides and passing the medicine ball – 20 reps – with sit-ups – 3 sets of 20 alternately.

Pull –ups –Max you can do – 3 sets

Leg raises 20 reps – 3 sets

 Jog / Walk 1 Km

Cooling down stretches 15 Mins

And enjoy your day…

Time to Enjoy is Now!

Fitness – Lets do it together..

Thought to share – One perspective on fitness lets start doing it together – lets forget the age – that’s all in mind..  

Bhiwani 4

Today’s plan —  To begin do whatever one can – don’t push yourself too much in the beginning ..That will follow – take it easy

Slow jog – 1 km

Worm-up stretching – 10 mins

Skipping – 5 mins 3 rounds with 1 min break

Push up 20 – 3 sets

Sit up 20 – 3 sets

Pull ups 10 – 3 sets or as much one can do start with 1 or 2 and do it for 3 sets.

Steps –  alternate – 5 mins – 2 sets

Rope climbing – 5 mtrs – 3 times

Slow jog – 1 km

Cooling down stretches – 15 mins

and then enjoy the day!!

Time to Enjoy is now!!

Most Important Need of the Day!


Yesterday, while interacting with few youngsters realized how many of them lack clarity on their Own Goal in Life. Is the Goal so important in life or one should take on the life as it comes. Certainly some clarity is must or I would say not some but definite clarity is must. Fun, Enjoyment is also a must but has to have its place when it comes to deciding the stream you want to pursue. In Indian context, as it from 11th std onwards, one chooses the correct one that one really wants or keep blaming for life and keep cursing the bad decision at some point of time

Many join Science or Arts or Commerce Stream just because of peers or just because someone at home / some relative puts words in their mouth. Do we ever check with the young ones as to what they want to do in life? May be parents at times are seen only getting aptitude test done for the kids and move on with it. Is it enough, I feel it’s much more than that. The kids must be allowed to explore themselves through different means, methods and exposures; not only indoors but outdoors as well before they take a call.

We thought of giving youngsters an opportunity / exposure through different means / activities to find out for themselves; what they really are capable of and what they really want to home on to when time comes to decide for themselves.

Do join in for the Youth Boot camp if you wish to undergo a process that will provide for the clarity about self or a clarity on  what you want for your near and dear ones. You can enroll them following the link below for registration:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives 

Happy Outing!

Youth Development : Diwali Vacations: Pune, India


This is how we look at this Boot camp.


For details and registration please go to following link:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives

Any more ideas; request to please share.

Happy Outing!

“You can not teach a person anything; you can only make him / her discover it within himself / herself”.  Anonymous

A Simple Way to Achieve Your Goal

Good read..
Put across very well..


My last post set down my goal for the rest of 2013. Exercise 6 days per week every week until Christmas day. On the road to the healthiest possible me!

I’m going to admit right here, right now that I have not been 100% percent successful so far. It has been the usual excuses, however valid they may be- I’ve been so busy with work and exhausted at the end of the day etc etc… I’ve had about 3 days where I haven’t got out to exercise.

What is different this time is that just because I’ve had a few slip ups, it hasn’t changed my goal. Previously I would’ve given up, said that it wasn’t a realistic goal or that my worklife right now just doesn’t allow for such a goal. Best to try later when things settle down… Forgotten about the original goal until I had another crack at it in a few months…

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Youth Boot Camp (Bronze) 07 to 10 Nov 2013 – Pune, India


It gives us immense pleasure in announcing a Boot Camp (Bronze) For Youth this Diwali vacations from 07 Nov to 10 Nov 2013 at our Camp Site – Camp M I, at Andgaon on Lavasa Road, Pune.

This one is for the age group 13 to 16 years.

Limited batch size of 25.

For details and registration please go to following link:–07-nov-to-10-nov-2013-by-m-i-initiatives

We intend to make it a three stage Challenge for the Youth. Bronze being a beginner level – then Silver being next which would be for 7 days and Gold level being for 10 days.

Also request to share with everyone who may be interested to join for the same.

Happy Outing!

“You can not teach a person anything; you can only make him / her discover it within himself / herself”.  Anonymous


Youth Boot Camp: 07 to 10 Nov 2013


This Diwali Vacation, thought to get young to Outdoors; with a belief that, Leaders are made and not born—the young, impressionable minds need exposure at the correct age to understand the nuances of Leadership i. e. in their formative years. instill self-confidence not just through knowledge (which is provided in plenty through theory in our education system today) but vide honing their latent physical and mental prowess. Also, educate them on the significance of Discipline (more importantly Self-discipline) in their life and much more.

Join in; you can write to us at

Happy Outing!

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