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Yesterday, one of our Boxing Student having spent three months on Boxing Training came and asked me for Supplements he should start taking.. I was initially surprised as he is only 14 years old but then i learned many of them at that age start taking some or other supplement as it is marketed vigorously and displayed with muscles and glamour.

Is it not that we can get all kinds of carbs, fat, proteins, minerals etc from our natural diet. Even i doubt, athletes working out at National / International levels need supplements. Probably only a balanced natural diet should be good enough..

Just thought of sharing this story, wondering is it becoming a norm or is it fashion!!  or is it really necessary..

May i request all to share their views please..

Happy Boxing!


Comments on: "Supplements : Is it becoming a norm or fashion or is it really necessary?" (2)

  1. kumud sodhani said:

    I am not for taking supplements either. I believe that most middle class indians do have a natural balanced diet of fruits, green vegetables, daal roti etc. But I am being told by the major supplement selling agents that the quantity is not enough as age progresses and due to the harmful chemicals present in the fruits and vegetables. Their marketing is so hardcore that people start to believe that they need the supplements to stay healthy.

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