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Running and Golf : How Similar are Both!! A Thought for Beginners!!

Run n golfOther day when we went for 18 hole course; a thought struck my mind!! How similar is Running to Golf!! Both games; one is competing against self!! Both need mental toughness, calmness, continuous motivation, continuous focus even if one shot goes bad – how does one recover, or in running initial pain / cramps in calf or thigh or stomach or uneasiness- how does one overcome?? I felt both need similar application of mind and body, grit and determination.

For a beginner whether Golf or Running, probably similar psyche is needed. One needs to be determined for it, stop getting frustrated as some people say ‘Stop defeating yourself before you begin!!’

One needs to be enough charged, to take it on as a challenge and Have Belief that we all do have Physical Capabilities and Skills to Run or play Golf..

What does one do while taking position for a drive in Golf– he or she checks herself up as regards feet position, holding of club, position of club, how much to lean forward keeping once back straight, with eye on ball, not only eye but focus on the ball placed on the tee, remove all other thoughts from the mind, then visualize ones drive. Then take a step back and revisit the driving place – do everything again and go for the shot!!

When it comes to running, can we set ourselves a drill; when I am a beginner.. Once I have decided to start running.. Check your kit from the vest to shorts and shoes you are going to wear, keep them ready earlier night, morning when you get, keep the determination going and keep visualizing the distance you are going to cover. How am I going to warm up – through stretching or walking and stretching or jogging and stretching..  Then go for warm up, do stretches and take a first step to running; may be a short distance to begin with 2 kms and thereafter stretching yourself to 4 to 5 to 10 and keep increasing!!

All through the run, one need to keep focus on the feet placement one after the other, hands position and movement, rhythm in the breathing and continuously keep your thoughts in place, keep grit and determination, especially when he or she is a beginner. Once you are a regular runner, it is only a matter of warm up and then everything becomes mechanical – nothing is physical!!

Happy Running and Golfing!!

Leadership from Down Below!! or Within!!

transformational-leadershipToday, one of my friend shared a video with me from TED, a talk on Case Study on 26/11 attack, by Rohit Deshpande, a Professor at Harvard and you won’t believe the kind of message he gave, it was fantastic!! It is certainly a lesson for all Leaders Junior or Senior

One must watch this video to understand what is Leadership from down below / within, how can we make our enterprises or our Teams to behave this way, what do we need to do to achieve this. It all starts from selection to training to grooming and providing them environment to perform and grow and continuously keep updating on all these issues.. I know its quite a daunting task but then if one gets in to the Leaders Shoes; he or she needs to work on it; whether you like it or not; so might as well like it and do it!!

It also provides a matter for research in Psychology, why people behave differently in different situations, and even forget natural instincts!!

Following is the Link for the said Video:

Happy Leading!!

Running at Outdoors Vs Running on a Treadmill Bottom-line: Keep Running!!

ImageMany of us do running at outdoors and many do it on a treadmill; kept me wondering which is better..

Both have its pluses and minuses as I looked at it.

Outdoors give you fresh air and continuously changing scene around whereas treadmill doesn’t..

Outdoors you can have companion running alongside with same speed and can be great motivator, which doesn’t / can’t happen on a treadmill.. What a loss!! However many prefer running alone, not a bad idea, everyone must suit their convenience.. Bottom-line being one must Run!!

At outdoors without a machine; one runs with natural steps, whereas on treadmill I found something different; machine pulling me rather than I going for it!!.

At outdoors; one motivates others and one can spread running disease!! This is good for health, an abnormal disease!!?

Outdoors one can keep changing places and explore new places with running as habit!!

Is it because I fear that I may not be able to run continuously for a given time, so I start on treadmill and get addicted to it, or I fear running in front of others because of shape / size; what would others say / comment!!—whatever could be the reason (Is it Psychology that plays such negative role!!) But isn’t it better, to shade such myths and move out running / jogging / walking at Outdoors!!

Yes, may be when one doesn’t have time for outdoors or have such a busy schedule, once in a while treadmill is fine.

Thought of keeping it incomplete for you all to fill in, what comes to your mind!!

Happy Running!!

Deveopment or Performance of Leadership Directly Proportional to Environment

ImageBe it Military or Industry, Manufacturing or Service or Pharma or Media or be it whatever,  Development and then  Performance of Leadership is directly proportional to environment that exists in the Organization.

Leadership traits such as Loyalty, Integrity, courage, decisiveness, grit, perseverance, focus, impartiality etc are certainly the musts for the leader to lead his or her team / organization but above all it is the environment that prevails in the team or organization has a major bearing on the performance of Leadership. Do you agree??

For that to happen, it cannot be achieved through a Certification Course but though application of his or her knowledge by the Leader; should we say create conditions those suit his or her style of functioning?? Then comes the big question; how to go about it…., can it be taught or the leader need to keep trying as it would be different from one to another organization!!

Join us to discuss it more!!

Entire gamut of Fitness: My Fitness : Your Fitness

Gym 1I was wondering other day as to what are those ingredients; those need inclusion in a structure that I need to follow over a week, which will provide for entire gamut of fitness. Thought of taking out one hour on Sunday – getting up leisurely and going over the needs of the body, it flowed as follows:






Tranquility of mind

There may be more to it; but thought of penning down as it came by and keep adding to it.

Then came the question; how do I fit in all this in a weeks schedule. Do I take them day by day spreading over a week or do I need to fit in two in a day working it out alternate days or do I address two a week and make it a month long schedule.. Another thought popped up, which said buddy you need to workout twice a day!! Can I take out that kind of time; or does my game / sport need all this or can I omit anything from it.

No. of options started ticking, and kept wondering what could be the best combination or structure and getting further confused…..

But then I thought of taking head-on each item a day (irrespective of Saturday or Sunday or Holiday) and then decide about other questions over next weekend. And somehow it worked so well that I have been able to keep up to the schedule incorporating all these above aspect in fitness and keep ticking and keep kicking alive as they say these days!!

Of course other aspects connected to it do need to be taken cognizance of, such as Nutrition etc.., will talk about them some time later; as I believe every culture and place has its diet for its own environment, and one should not disturb it..

Friends, may I request your suggestions or comments, to add to your own workout

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