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Thanks to Pune Running (for the run towards encouraging Boxing Fraternity of Pune (28 Apr 2013)

ImageIt was a Last Sunday of April, one of the hottest day of this summer, yet when we arrived at 5 am for the arrangements, we found people started trickling in dot at 5.15 am sharp. That gave us the sense of discipline of Runners of Pune Running (we stick to our time!!) and in no time 90 + Runners gathered for 15k and 21 k Run. When their Run was flagged off at 6 am; we found sharp 6.15 am 5 k and 10 k Runners (300+) started gathering, exchanging notes, some warming up, some first timers with anxiety on their face, some in group with “No Problem” emotions on their faces, some with complete family Father, Mother and Children all ready to run together, it was a wonderful sight (It showed how Pune Running in no time has made difference in people of Pune); it was like they were all waiting for Last Sunday of the Month.

ImageAnother enjoyable sight was when Runners used to finish their run; they used to have a look at their watch; some were happy, some grunttled on themselves for not having clocked their best and taking a vow to do it next time, some had a look of achievement but common expression on everyone’s face was SMILE!! How could it have been possible to get a similar smile on 400 + people.. No doubt it is an example of perseverance, wherein regardless of any hurdles, Pune Running has shown Grit and Determination in instilling such an Healthy Life style which now people of Pune have made it as an habit of themselves.

ImageThe event also saw Two Boxing bouts; one in boys category and one in girls category; for sure all the runners enjoyed it which was evident in a thunderous applause after the bouts.. It was also an unique day when we had Mr. Manoj Pingale an Olympian in Boxing 1988 Seoul, and an Arjuna Awardee, and Mr. Mangesh Kamble, an Asian Gold Medalist on the Boxing Ring Together..

Thanks to Pune Running for giving us an opportunity to host the event and making it Run towards encouraging Boxing Fraternity of Pune!!!

God Bless!! Keep up the Good Work!!

Choking in Sports: What the Research Says

Well explained, Certainly it will help Sportsmen and women; a must read for them!!

Daily Routine : Fitness is the First and the Only Casualty!! Is it so!! Your comments please!!

ImageHi Friends,

Thought of penning down few thoughts on daily routine, what we do, what can we do, what should we do, what must we do and how could it be done, how i must do it!!!

When we talk of a daily routine in a normal life; it is like a plan of action that is as important as, we put in place for any Project be it a Software or Manufacturing or Media or whatever.

From the time we get up, we go about the day; that is important to us but thought of putting across a structure, of course it is debatable and every individual will have a say on it depending on his or her priorities. However it goes as follows for the Office goers:

Wake up                                                        5 am

Get ready by                                               6

Morning exercise                               6 – 7

Get ready by                                               8

At office  by                                                8.30 / 9 depending on a distance

Work  till                                                     1 pm

Lunch                                                          1 – 2

Work till                                                     6  (so you have clocked 8 hrs in case of time                                                    bound or if it is task based may get out by 4.30 and advance things by 1.30 hrs)

Reach a Ground or Gym by               6.30 / 7

Exercise / game / Sport till       8

Return and ready for dinner            9

Off to sleep by                                        9.45   (sleep for 7 hrs)

ImageNow are the questions, those start erupting in mind — How and when do I fit in meeting friends / relatives, don’t have time for myself, when do I fit in socialization, and many such questions depending on liking’s / preferences.

With these questions erupting in mind;  first to become Casualty  is Exercise / Game / Sport; does it happen, if it is happening, am I enjoying it or do I need to change??

May I request your comments please,

Enjoy Fitness!!!

Artists, Athletes, and the Passion to Excel

An excellent way to put across parallels

The Muse Dialogue

Erin Yanacek, trumpet player and cyclist, explores the connection between her experiences as an artist and as an athlete. She finds a number of similarities, and in particular the mental space of each activity requires a level of focus that brings an individual an uncommon clarity. She writes, “The idea of a masterful musician’s mindset is not unlike the mindset of an athlete in a competition. Levels of focus and awareness are raised to a seemingly electric state.”

If you have not already read this article — we released it last week but are only posting it to the homepage now — it is a fascinating look into the psychology of artistic creation. Join The Muse Dialogue for Yanacek’s “Artists, Athletes, and the Passion to Excel” (click here to read full article).

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Running and Fitness = or > Opening a Recurring Account in a Hospital later!!


Yesterday, had an interaction with a new client at our Boxing Gym, which goes as follows:

Client (C): I have come for an enquiry for Boxing / Gym.

I said (I): Fine what do want to know.(after asking fees etc it goes on as follows)

C: what value do i get back! (Fortunately / UN-fortunately we have a Hospital next door!)
I said: There is a hospital next door and rather than opening an account there after few years; preferably one can open an account for fitness or if you don’t want to invest in a Gym / Boxing; at least start investing in Running / Jogging / Walking for 40 mins a day, that will save you the recurring expenditure on medicine at a later age!!

Is it that one is always looking for a materialist value / return from anything we spend, may be in terms of time or money!! (just because someone sometime said about ROI (return on investment!!)

Join us for Running on 28 Apr 2013


Enjoy running!! or Whatever you do in life and not measure everything in terms of materialistic returns!!

Hasta Luego!!

Technology – Health Care and Team Sport

ImageOther day I saw a talk on video by Eric Dishman on how Health Care needs to be a Team Sport. How true it was. The technology has blessed us with so many new avenues of doing / performing things; be it on Sports field or Engineering or Medical or Agriculture or Water Management, Media etc.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that, it is a technology which is asking us to join hands; and telling us how we can achieve more and better if we join hands. The outcome, the result, the endpoint, the target, how best we can achieve in a better time frame and with least efforts if we join hands. Can we adopt in our day today business / routine / work or whatever we do? What prevents us from doing it? Is it self interest, ego, or competition or what is it? Must watch this video at following link Image

It is a technology driven world and does it mean for us, to follow it by joining hands!!!

Introducing Boxing Coach Certification Course Level 1

Box 23We started Boxing Club in Apr 2007 and since then it has been a great journey so far. This has kept us alive physically and mentally.

For that matter take any Sport and ask the coaches; probably one would get a same reply. one gets to interact with all sections of population age 7 to 45, wide variety of people and personalities. One can imagine how differently people approach Boxing e.g. a guy of 7 to 10 years, differs in approach from a guy of 20 years or 45 years!!

Bhiwani 4No doubt it is the Sport which desrves an important place in the journey of grooming children towards facing real life situation with confidence and ingenuinity.

The responce has been overwhelming and to start a Boxing Club in other parts of the City / District; we are found wanting in terms of proper Coaches. Then a realisation came as to why not start a Coaches course which can make Boxing available at every nook and corner of the City or district.

Giving out certain details on content in a Photo attached; request if you have any suggestions please do let us know..


Enjoy Boxing!!

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