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Runners High



Today after a long time I went for a eight km run followed by Yoga for an hour. What an inspirational way to start a day. How did I miss it for past six months? You can blame no one but yourself.

As I started to jog, I found; I took almost a km to feel like wormed up; which used to be in about 400mtrs or so. After warm up; initial 5 mins were fine but then started feeling pain in the knees and calf’s; it started telling me that something is wrong there; was it just an illusion as I had not run for a long time or was it real? It was difficult to make out but kept my mind on running / jogging, wanted to remove that thought of pain – it was difficult but continued and tried to bring on memories of my last run, when I did half marathon. The thought of having run half marathon itself made the pain go away!; when I started visualizing how I felt after that event was quite refreshing and  gave me further strength to continue; however en-route at a road junction thought process broke and again feeling of pain and uneasiness re-surfaced.

I don’t know what to call it but I found I had finished about 4.5 kms by then.  This time I was determined and wanted to remove the thought of pain (said to myself, let whatever be the case need to complete 8 km today!). Started looking around and reading various sign postings and advertisements; one of them reminded me of the beautiful memories of the shopping for running shoes; which were so light in weight. Again I found the thought of pain had vanished and I could go for another3 kms; probably I was in a different world i.e. the feeling of having purchased light weight shoes which were in blue and white in colour with an orange colour sole and how I had picked them up in one look at the store.  After the purchase how we had a treat of chocolate ice-cream. Then I looked at my shoes felt proud and saw the end of 8 kms and was there in 40 mins.

Having completed I was feeling top of the world (was it a runners high!!) and felt like I could run more, I don’t know what was stopping me from doing this for past six months. Was I so busy in work or was it that I did not allow the thought of running coming to mind or I did not think of that amazing moment / that satisfaction after having run half marathon. I was amazed at doing 8 kms non-stop even after a break of six months. What was it? I didn’t pay attention, I was just happy and went for Yoga and did it for an hour without any pain or any uneasiness.

Now when I sit alone after a bath and breakfast; looking at the blue sky, I realize how sweet and happening memories (be it visual or feeling or touch or taste!!) of different times kept me alive for 8 kms, made me go that extra mile. It also kept me wondering how I kept myself aloof from these most significant moments in life; do I need to keep revisiting them often. I am sure they would keep me going against any odds.


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Thanks for sharing!

Coach Jason Buckley

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Sports Performance and Leadership

CollageLeadership and Sports performance; how similar are the requirements when a question of practical application of Leadership is discussed. Be it a individual sport or a team sport; many of the traits / ingredients needed are same. The challenge is more when it is a team sport.

Let’s see what those ingredients are when it comes to delivery / performance – Motivation, self confidence, anxiety management / beating the ambiguity, clarity in thought process, resource management, delivery at correct time, commitment and much more. Leaders at all levels of management need all these ingredients if they wish to deliver in correct perspective.

So is there a case in point that a person he / she performing Leadership role preferably be pursuing some or other performance sport; if not pursued in younger days (of course apart from having the subject domain knowledge)– to get these ingredients naturally and need not spend separate time in understanding Leadership as subject by itself unless moving to higher level of Leadership.

Request your comments..

Enjoy Sports!!

Boxing and Leadership

Gym amd Boxing 10 Jul 2009 047

How similar are these two – Playing Boxing and performing Leadership Roll. I feel they are exactly the same. When an individual is sparring or playing in the ring; firstly need to overcome anxiety, be psychologically prepared, understand skill sets needed at different point of time, have self confidence, understand opponents tactics – his/her strengths and weaknesses, find opportune moments, many a time use surprise as tool, and what not.

Do you agree? Request your comments

Enjoy Boxing!

Dilemma Of Psychology!

DilemmaMany a time Psychologists / Counselors put the subjects through instruments and find a fault with an individual. There after they tell a person that he / she has something wrong (as per their discovery!!). Poor fellows accept it and probably worst follows – the guys start thinking on those lines – more they think of that wrong – more they are likely to repeat it.
Do we need to find the way around this? Can we not tell that person about the wrong he possesses but address it in a manner; the person does not get the hang of it but starts correcting himself / herself.

Any suggestions!!
May we request your comments please..

Flow like a pillar, sting like…a bee?

Flow like a pillar, sting like…a bee?.

Boxing: How viewed differently by different people!!

logoBox dec

It is an age old sport and certainly a great one. Many people look at it as most injurious to health; while some look at it towards developing an attitude in a person, some say it generates aggression; I keep wondering what is it that one take away from it!
I feel when a Boxer trains for the competition and not for the show off; he develops humbleness. He or she becomes more humble. Probably aggression is there, when he / she joins Boxing but as they train and spar every week; aggression takes its place within and humbleness develops.

They are able to understand self better; which is probably the key to happy life.
It certainly gives fitness with full body exercise and much more to groom youngsters.
No doubt it is the sport which Armies across the World use to find traits in a person!!
How do you view it?
May we have your comments??
Happy Boxing!!

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