Belief in Human Potential

A new Initiative of the MI Initiatives group, is pleased to make available its specially designed fitness programs and Gymnasium infrastructure for Everyone.

1Fitness is not only being body beautiful but it encompasses stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility and last but not the least a mental make-up; thus a by-product comes out to be Body beautiful.

We believe Mental and Physical robustness goes hand in hand, both need to be developed simultaneously through Outdoor Workout and Indoor Weight Training.


Why Us!!!

It is passion that has been the driving force.
Experience across India (study of different cultures / eating habits / understanding of different builds from various states and regions).
Not only Indoor Gym but Outdoor (Athletics Track – 200 meter) exercises as well.
None of our patron has been on diet; yet weight management guaranteed.
Unique Wall bar exercises you may have never experienced before.
Not only Physical Strength build-up but Mental Strength as well.
We believe in “KISS” principle i.e.. “Keep It Simple and Straight”. Our Fitness regime is very Simple and Robust and we are confident of it working well for All Ages.


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