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About us

M I Initiatives works in two Domains 1. Outbound and Indoor Training for Corporates towards Leadership Development /  Team Building / other Soft Skills and 2. Boxing and Fitness…

Outbound and Indoor Training for Corporates since 2007

MI Initiatives based at Pune offers Outbound based Training programs towards Leadership Development and Team Building for the Corporate and Business Schools apart from other Soft Skills Training / Adventure activities.

For Youth, Students, Families and Groups we have customized modules towards Development through Challenge which incorporates Tent Camping and variety of Adventure Activities such as Rock Climbing, Rappelling, White Water Rafting, Living off the Land, River Crossing, Paintball etc.

MI Initiatives provide carefully designed Training programs that allow participants to learn, explore, understand and experience management related situations from the activities / nature. These programs are customized and conducted under safe conditions, under the supervision of trained personnel. Thus far we have reached Pan-India by hosting Outbound / Off-Site Trainings at Bangalore, Bhuvaneshwar, Panchmadhi, Chandigarh, Delhi , Gujrat and Chattisgarh etc.

If you are looking for an organisation to take care of your training needs, please call us or write to us.. Visit us at

Boxing and Fitness (M I Initiatives Sports and Social Foundation) since 2007

We have a Boxing Gym  and have adopted youngsters from Grass root level and one of them have emerged as a National Champion for past two years.

We keep working in the field of Boxing and Fitness constantly updating our workouts and moving towards establishing a world class academy for Boxers and other sports persons towards developing and shaping them to shine at International level..

If you wish to contribute please visit


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